What is the “42” in Gifted Forty Two

What is the “42” in Gifted Forty Two.

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What’s that “42” in “Gifted Forty Two”?

Great Question!   It’s a moment in time.  For every parent of a gifted child, there is a moment …………. it may be big, it may be small, but it’s something your child did – said, wrote, watched, touched – something that made you think – hmmmmm – I wonder if all kids do this, or if this is a bit “special”.  

Here is my moment, and the inspiration for my blog, Facebook page and Meetup.  Our son Joey, who is now 12, was 2.  He had already begun to read and one day, started listing everyone he loved, starting with the number one.  It took a day or two, but he made a list of 42 people (and a dog) that he adored.  I wrote all the names down, in order, and added some pictures. A few years later I framed this and it sits on a wall in our bedroom.  

Every morning, I take a second to meditate over the awesomeness of this list.  It empowers me on our journey of raising a gifted child, and inspires me.  To allow Joey to learn, develop and champion his nature, talents and essence.

Do you have a “gifted moment” that you’d like to share.  The floor is open!Image

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Joey’s first day home

Joey’s first day home.

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Hello world!

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